is a range of internationally accredited general English qualifications designed to be a progression route from the early stages of learning English read more..


Learning Program

  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Diploma in Marketing
  • Diploma in Secreterial Administration
  • Diploma in Computerised Accounting
  • Diploma in Business and Industrial Administration
  • Diploma in Principles and practice of Management
  • Group Diploma in Accounting
  • Certificate in Selling and Sales Management
  • Certificate in Customer Service
  • Certificate in Advertising
  • Certificate in English for Business
  • Certificate in Public Relations
  • Certificate in English for the Tourism Industry
  • Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounts
  • Certificate in Financial Accounting and International Accounting
  • Diploma in Business Studies
  • Diploma in Managerial Principles

LCCI Qualifications

The LCCI International Qualification range is designed to deliver the skills essential for success in today’s demanding commercial environment. By matching business skills to employers’ requirements and providing reliable evidence of candidates’ abilities, they receive international recognition from employers, educational institutes and professional bodies worldwide.
Our flexible qualifications programme includes examinations at various levels, enabling candidates to enter at the most appropriate level for their existing skills. We also offer Diplomas and Group Awards to allow candidates to add to their marketable skills and, in many cases, receive professional status.

Find out which qualification level is right for you.

Understanding LCCI Qualifications Levels
Understanding the meaning of the different qualifications levels is important in choosing the qualification that is right you. This document will help you to do just that.
All LCCI International Qualifications are aligned to the UK National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The NQF provides the benchmark of levels against which UK qualifications are accredited. The NQF is also used internationally as the basis for comparison with other frameworks – particularly in terms of the levels of qualifications awarded.

The table below explains the meaning of the different LCCI qualification levels and how you will benefit from achieving qualifications at each level.


 What the level means and how you benefit



A qualification at this level builds your basic knowledge and skills, as well as your ability to make use of your learning to carry out simple everyday tasks and activities with guidance.  The main purpose of these qualifications is to help you build your confidence and prepare you for further learning and work.

 Level 1

A Level 1 qualification improves your basic knowledge and skills in a particular subject or job area and helps you to use your learning to complete straight-forward routine tasks with direction and guidance. It also helps you to prepare for Level 2 qualifications.

 Level 2

A Level 2 qualification gives you a good knowledge and understanding of a subject or job area. It helps you to use your learning to complete clearly set tasks and solve straight-forward problems with some guidance or supervision. Level 2 qualifications are usually the recommended minimum entry requirements for jobs.

 Level 3

A Level 3 qualification develops your ability to learn and apply a range of knowledge, understanding and skills at a detailed level. It helps you to use your learning in a wide range of complex tasks and situations and develops your supervisory skills. If your job role requires you to work independently or supervise and train others in your field of work then this level is suitable for you. Also suitable if you are planning to go to university or progress to professional qualifications.

 Level 4

A Level 4 qualification helps you to become a specialist in your area of learning or work. It involves detailed analysis of a high level of information and knowledge in an area of work or study. Learning at this level is appropriate for you if you work in a technical and professional job, and/or manage and develop others.



Helping you to achieve your goals

We understand that taking a qualification is a big commitment so we have worked hard to make it easier for you.

To help you in your studies, syllabuses, sample papers, past examination papers and model answers are available for all qualifications.
Also available are the range of 'How to Pass' and our new range of 'Passport to Success' books, which are essential reading materials.

We also offer other services to help and support you - services include Certificate Replacement and Enquiry about Results. If you ever need to use these services your centre will be able to guide you.



English for Business certificates
We are happy to announce that the English for Business certificates will now detail the percentage score achieved in the exam. read more…

Progression from LCCI Level 3 Marketing to Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Professional Qualifications
Progression from LCCI Level 3 Marketing to Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Professional Qualifications. Holders of the LCCI Level 3 Marketing qualification will be accepted on the new higher levelled Professional Certificate in Marketing. read more…


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